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The Cyrillic Typewriter – Water Over Glass

Released – 2018

Jason Zumpano – synthesizer, rhodes, electric guitar, e-bowed electric guitar, percussion
Terri Upton – double bass
John Spiby – tenor saxophone

Water Over Glass, the latest LP offering from Vancouver, Canada’s wordless wonders The Cyrillic Typewriter, shimmers and flickers in a cold light. The tension of previous offering Your True Emblem has been relaxed here into a kind of cool suspension, with contemplative tones and drones that project both intimacy and foreboding, interrogated by a rich saxophone (sometimes bracingly Lynchian, sometimes gentle and impressionistic) and unnerving percussion that appears and disappears like footsteps in an empty corridor. This is a narrative album, the story hovering dreamlike just above our waking minds, and The Cyrillic Typewriter has presented it in manuscript form, with short chapters of tones, overtones, scratched out passages and jottings in the margins. Listening to this record is like looking up from beneath an ice rink that is being slowly circled and inscribed by a sharp blade, its clarity made opaque by each pass of the desultory skater above. An elegant, distant cinematic contemplation from Hollywood North.
Distributed by Revolver

LP comes with complimentary mp3 download. If you want to purchase wav. files you can get them from bandcamp.