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The Cyrillic Typewriter – Buzz

Released – 2022

Jason Zumpano – synthesizer, guitar, bass guitar, rhodes
Paul Rigby – pedal steel

Buzz, the latest offering from The Cyrillic Typewriter, gently unfurls, track after track, like flags bearing emblems of total R&R as if wandering out to claim a new state of the mellow sublime. The eight tracks linger luxuriously just at the threshold of consciousness, inducing reverie through a shimmering synthesizer, an oneiric rhodes, and a pedal steel by Paul Rigby that atmospherically conjures a Western frontier envisioned by a Jodorowski on quaaludes, finally at peace with the strange beasts of the subconscious. True to enigmatic form, The Cyrillic Typewriter provides a spacious narrative of contemplative tones, bright pings, and murmuring strings while leaving the plot points up to the listener. As testament to the album’s mellowness, the original front cover artwork by long-time collaborator Jason McLean, is resplendently minimal, while the back cover explodes gregariously as if returning with souvenirs from this ethereal terrain of true-grit.

Distributed by Revolver & The Business

Digital files via Bandcamp