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The Cyrillic Typewriter – Custodian (12″ lp)

Released – 2013

JZ – piano, keyboards, percussion, voice
Megan Bradfield – double bass
Christina Rzepa – cello AJ Andrien – tuba
Lara Kroeker – voice
Kim Koch – violin, voice
Nathaniel Senff – baritone sax

distributed by : Revolver USA (Worldwide)

Custodian marks a much grander stylistic experiment in THE CYRILLIC TYPEWRITER’s discography of cinematic pop enigmaticism. Explained away as a score for an unreleased horror film, Custodian may be a uniquely Ruritarian soundtrack, referencing an origin of unverifiable existence, a plausible, approachable, but ephemeral stranger. Suggesting a Heart of Darkness narrative of doomed exploration and dreaded discovery, the album employs swelling drones and Delphic female vocals to convey an overarching mood of foreboding, while anxious percussions consult with one another, signaling, warning, then losing contact entirely. River-like, the storyline breaks, jumps, and returns. Evoking the sinister light-heartedness of Angelo Badalamenti, the synthy disquiet of John Carpenter and the sometimes sweet ambience of Rachels, this release is yet another intriguing gesture from the curiouser and curiouser Cyrillic Typewriter. Available in a limited edition of 165. Each copy includes a 10″x10″ felt weave print insert.

LP comes with complimentary mp3 download. If you want to purchase wav. files you can get them from bandcamp.

Nowhere / Effulgence – film by Alex MacKenzie – Commissioned by Echo Park Film Centre for their 12th anniversary.


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