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Released – 2016

Jason Zumpano – vibraphone, rhodes piano, digital keyboard, bowed guitar, nylon-string guitar  –  Nicolas Bragg – electric guitar  –  Terri Upton – double bass  –  Slicing the Black Wave 2, 3 & 4 processing by Loscil

Your True Emblem is the latest offering from Vancouver’s Cyrillic Typewriter, the enigmatic mantle of Jason Zumpano, joined here with fellow Destroyer alumna Scott Morgan (Loscil) and Nic Bragg, and recent recruit Terri Upton of Frog Eyes. Maintaining the suite-like format of 2015’s Best Suit, it assumes a sci-fi cinema stance: delicate, capsule-like intervals of mellow post-rock spaciousness – a sonic depth of field that gives a vibey sense of flotation – which are then interrupted by abrasive and agitated interludes of redirection that signal a narrative of tense anticipation: we are waiting for a message from outer space, and this is either the soundtrack to the waiting, or the message itself. LPs with art from frequent Cyrillic Typewriter collaborator Jason McLean; each comes with one of three 5×5 matte cardstock photo inserts.

distributed by : Cheap Tramadol Online (Worldwide) and Wyrd Distro

(LP comes with mp3 download)

Tramadol For Sale Cheap Order Tramadol Online Prescription


  • Categories: The Cyrillic Typewriter