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Released – 2016

Lt. Frank Dickens – vocals, guitar, bass, drums, glockenspiel, chimes
Connor Mayer – bass, drums, piano
Jen Smyth – drums
Colin McKill – violin
Guillaume Apollinaire – voice on “Bright and New” reciting “Le Pont Mirabeau”
Robert Browning – voice on “Romance”

Lt. Frank Dickens is the nom-de-musique of the former singer, guitarist, and songwriter of Vancouver’s shadowy pop band Peace, formerly signed to Suicide Squeeze records. Recorded in pieces over a number of years, his debut album Sunburned was originally released as a limited run cassette in the autumn of 2015. Now the album is being made available with a new cover and two extra songs through JAZ Records in a run of 300 copies.

Sunburned is made up of songs that Dickens had been working on for as much as ten years’ time. It is a collection of haunted lullabies informed by the mysterious underbelly of life on the West Coast as much as musical touchstones such as Scott Walker, Syd Barrett and the Television Personalities. The instrumentation differs significantly between songs, but there is unity in the albums wistful tone and Dickens’ baritone sing-speak. Sunburned is a darkly lyrical and hermetic fairy-tale of a record that hints at the deeply personal while maintaining a veil of mystery.

distributed by : Online Drugstore Tramadol and Wyrd Distro

Cheap Tramadol Online

LP comes with complimentary mp3 download. If you want to purchase wav. files you can get them from Tramadol For Sale Cheap.


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