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Released – 2015

Sydney Hermant – vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, gong | Daniel Bejar – vocals, acoustic guitar, organ, arp | Carey Mercer – electric guitar, drum machines, percussion, effects. arp | Melanie Campbell – drums | Terri Upton – bass | Josh Wells – bongos | artwork by Jen Weih

distributed by : Online Drugstore Tramadol (Worldwide)

JAZ Records is proud to present the long-awaited, second HELLO BLUE ROSES LP, WZO. It was produced by CAREY MERCER (FROG EYES, BLACKOUT BEACH) at his Quadraticus Studios in Vancouver, early 2014, and bears the stamp of the cooked guitars and echoing beats associated with that room. The record is haunted by HERMANT’s etherized and insistent vocals about women and ghosts, accompanied by her guitar drones and plucks. Holding it down are MELANIE CAMPBELL and TERRI UPTON (FROG EYES rhythm section on loan), JOSH WELLS (BLACK MOUNTAIN, LIGHTNING DUST, SUR UN PLAGE, DESTROYER) with yet another star bongo turn, and Mercer himself, whose singular axework, drum progamming and live knob-twiddling are a cornerstone of the WZO Sound. Oh yeah, and DAN BEJAR (DESTROYER) gently strums away, bababaing in the background, Spector-ing whole days of work spent without him, or making everyone sandwiches. A record made in the midst of regular life, jobs and strikes, the beach and the backyard, children-negotiating. WZO is a limited edition run on original giclee print by Vancouver-based artist JEN WEIH.

Cheap Tramadol Online

LP comes with complimentary mp3 download. If you want to purchase wav. files you can get them from Tramadol For Sale Cheap.

  • Categories: Hello Blue Roses