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Released – 2018



As the moons phases oscillate closer and further from proximity to the earth, cycling around its elliptical path, causing tidal activity dependant on that movement, perigean and proxigean represent that push and pull of waveforms. holding a seashells up to your ear, what do you hear? Noise. The crashing of oceans waves, perceived with a suspension of disbelief, calling you.

Sara Gold performs live experimental techno and new music at small underground events and large scale festivals with a carefully curated collection of vintage analog instruments. Her practice includes sound art installations, field and studio recording, high concept audio/visual works and teaching workshops on harnessing feedback and no input mixing.

No-input mixing on a collection of vintage analog console mixers is featured heavily alongside vintage analog drum machines and Paia 4700 modular synthesizer.

Recorded at the House of Gold in Vancouver. Recording engineer: Adrian Long.